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GT3 Auto Group is experienced in working with lenders from various credit unions as well as traditional lenders such as Chase and Wells Fargo. Below you will find two lenders that offer long term financing packages that may be an ideal fit for your financing needs.

When structuring a long term vehicle loan or lease-like loan it is essential that you’re financing a vehicle with a slow depreciation schedule or appreciates in value. In this low rate environment, one may choose to borrow at a low rate with a minimum downpayment than using cash that can be used for other opportunities.

Porsche Carrera, Boxster/Cayman and Nissan GTRs are some of the cars that retain their values far above their peers and are ideal for borrowers looking for a lower payment schedule. Lenders such as Woodside Credit and PenFed Credit Union, offer some unique products that make high-end purchases affordable and conserves your cash as well.

By no means are these your only options…most banks and credit unions offer historically low rates and may achieve your objectives just as favorably. It is important that you choose a vehicle and financing package that protects your fun financial investment.

NADA sports car value

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Woodside Credit specializes in long term financing for collector, speciality, and exotics including Porsche, Ferrari, and McLaren.   Scott Steckel with Woodside Credit will be glad to assist with your financing options.

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Financing with simple interest loans, competitive fixed rates, loan amounts from $10,000 to $500,000, and flexible terms of up to 12 years. Offering custom loans for higher dollar acquisitions and specializes in the following:

Classic Car Financing
Collector Car Financing
Exotic Car Financing
Antique Car Financing

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Pentagon Federal Credit Union offers traditional loans as well as lease like loans “Payment Saver Used Auto Loan” that are structured to provide low monthly payments similar to a lease program. Very simple process to become a member.
Payment Saver Used Auto Loan
Loan Payment Example: A $27,000 used auto financed at 3.24% APR; 60 monthly payments of approximately $415.00 each, with a final balloon payment of approximately $5,140.00.
• Loan amounts up to $100,000
• More car for your money

• The vehicle is yours, this is not a lease
• No prepayment penalties
• No wear and tear clause
• Sell, trade, or refinance** at the end of your loan term

Shipping and Airport pickup

Vehicle shipping is easier and more affordable than you may think. Coast to coast transportation usually costs between $900-$1,000 during off season and $1,100-$1200 during the summer. San Diego to Texas is usually in the $650-$800 range. Shipping generally takes 7 to 10 days once the vehicle is released. We can assist with airport pickup and nationwide garage to garage vehicle transportation. GT3 A/G is located within 45 minutes of several airports – San Diego, Carlsbad, and Orange County. Although outside of our local area pickup, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Ontario airports are within 1.5 hours drive.